I regularly read Judith Tarr’s Livejournal blog. This week she announced her annual sale on writing mentoring. Judith Tarr is a fantastic fantasy / historical fiction author who has authored dozens of books. (Take a look at what she has published over on Amazon and at Book View Cafe.) She is one of those authors who groks horses and gets the details right.

Do you have a writing project that you could use some help with? Want some mentoring from a great writer? Here is your chance — and she’s having a sale!

I took a brief course with her on plotting in fiction. I can’t say enough good things about the insights she provided into my story or about the sheer wealth of information she has. The lady knows her stuff and she knows how to clearly communicate it.

From Ms Tarr’s blog:

And now, the thing I wanted to be sure to put up today. Every year at this time I offer a Mentoring Sale. Old and current as well as new mentees can play. Packages can be given as gifts. If you’re not quite ready now but will be in a couple of months, that’s OK. I’ll bank the hours for you.

Over here is a general explanation of what I do. The rate has gone up to $40 an hour but I’m holding it steady for now. What it adds up to is a one-on-one, you decide what you need, I work with you to get it, ongoing for as long as you want or need, online class in writing and developing fiction. You can start at any point, from first idea to finished ms. needing revision (hello, NaNo participants!). I have done poetry, and can talk to you about nonfiction, memoir, etc.

Here’s the deal: Between now and December 7th, I’m offering 5 hours for $180. That’s $20 off the regular rate. This is time enough for a query/synopsis/sample review and some revisions, a good start on an ongoing novel development or revision, or a fairly in-depth review of a fistful of short pieces.

Another thing I do that may be of use or interest is a sideline that kind of made itself: I’ll look at just the parts of your story that have horses in them, review them, answer questions about them, help with development as needed. Base rate of $75 gets you up to two hours of review and answers; further hours at the regular rate.

Interested? Questions? Email me at capriole at that gmail thing. And do please boost the signal. We like to spread the wealth with this one. 🙂

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