I’ve often complained about the inappropriate armor on female miniatures we use in gaming. Most of the time the figures are scantily clad (especially fighters). Thieves seem to be a little better. Gotta love well-endowed breastplates (aka “boobplate”).

My Dungeon Master from the Saturday night gaming group emailed me a link to a site called “Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor: ladies that kick ass and dress for kicking ass“. The site is full of images of women who look like they are dressed for combat and mean business.

One of the articles has a link to another site with a discussion about why “boobplate” wouldn’t have worked for protective armor: “a href=”http://l-clausewitz.livejournal.com/384382.html”>Why female breastplates don’t need breast-bulges.”

Very useful info when writing about armor for women.

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