Score! I’ve been working on gaming material in addition to the short story, Ride Softly. Play-through of newly written material is worth five points. Monday we had a gaming session and a play through. Definitely a work in progress because we were carefully revising material as we went. However, it was FUN and amazing! The main idea for the boat challenge was my co-GM’s (who is friggin’ brilliant and a great mentor).

Gamers on on the edge of their seats for two hours. Happy dance!

Five points towards my point count — yay! Five points is a big landmark.

In addition to the role play files (which I’ve been updating with our play summary) I’m also back to writing Ride Softly, except this time I’m making a lot of progress. Getting the characters in there, the voice, the mood (very important), and how places smell (or taste). The good stuff that provides intuitive foreshadowing.

So, one more point for Tuesday and Thursday each, and I’m up to 17 points. Score!

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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