The Winter Writing Festival has been a big boost to productivity. I’m not writing as much on the fiction as I would like because of all of the role-play related writing I’ve been doing. Still fiction but kinda a mixture of the technical writing (explaining how to do a scenario is rather like writing a procedure) with the fiction (writing scenario descriptions, battle mechanics, etc.).

Tonight I finished a good draft of one of the scenes my co-GM and I had done a while back for WFRP 3e Eye for an Eye campaign. I’ve written the draft for the expanded dinner scene. Now I get to write up the draft for the chase sequence between the end of Eye for an Eye and the beginning of the Gathering Storm, the next module the party is doing.

I wrote over 1200 words tonight. That’s quite a haul above 500 words! Two points!

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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