Press release from the Save Blood Ties web site. It’s nice to have once place with unified information about all of the difference campaigns to save this great show.

Central website to save Blood Ties launched

A new website,, was launched last week and is intended as a central resource for fans to work together and bring the show back for a second season.

From my time in the Blood Ties fandom I’ve seen that there are several great campaigns going on to help out charities and to help promote the show for renewal,” said site creator Kevin Bachelder. However, all those groups/campaigns are spread out over several forums/lists/websites. So I created a single place where we can announce and help promote each of the campaigns from a single website to help increase the overall visibility of the show and give the fans one place to keep up on things.

The new site includes daily updates and even a new podcast, “Bite Back” the Blood Ties podcast, devoted to celebrating the show and informing fans on how to save it from extinction. The site also gives fans the opportunity to show their support for the show on their personal websites with banners that can be linked back to the site.

I originally found a copy of this press release on Tanya Huff’s Live Journal. She is the author of the Blood Books, the inspiration for the TV series Blood Ties. How cool is it that the author of the series supports the fans like this?

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Kim (Ceffyl)

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Kevin Bachelder · April 18, 2008 at 08:07

Thanks very much for mentioning the site. It’s great when everyone is helping to ‘spread the word’. 🙂

Ceffyl Aedui · April 18, 2008 at 10:56

You are most welcome! Thank you for taking the time to pull together the sites and creating a central place for fans to find out information.

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