Okay, not sure what is going on. I have a 6k running the stock Sharp ROM. I have a 1 gig SD and CF cards installed. Most of my non-critical apps boot from the CF card. I have not installed any new program nor changed any settings. The Z usually sits on my desk or in my purse in its case.

I tried to turn the Z on today, and the power button didn’t seem to have any effect. I placed the Z. into the dock, and the power charging light did not come on. Pulled the battery and placed the Z into the dock. Power light came on. Charged it for 30 minutes. Pressed the power button while still in the dock — Z didn’t come on, and the power light went off.

Pulled the battery again and pressed the reset button. Plugged the power cord directly into the Zaurus. Noticed that the SHARP Please wait… screen appeared, but the screen was very dark. After about 30 seconds, the screen returned to full brightness and the cursor appeared at the bottom of the screen, flashing. The battery light is on at this point. This screen stays on for about 3-5 minutes before the line stating “Init: Version 2.78 booting” appears. Again, this line stays on for about 2 minutes. About a minute after this line appears, the power light goes off and the email light starts flashing.

The boot process continues all the way through to the second start up screen. Usually by this time it feels like 30 minutes has passed. I haven’t seen the boot process complete to thte Qtopia GUI, but maybe I have not let it sit long enough either.

I have tried:
a. Basic reset by pressing reset on the back = Screen at least came up and painfully started booting. Has yet to complete a boot process to the GUI. (~15-30 minutes to get to the screen before loading the Qtopia GUI)
a. Hard reset by pressing reset + power + rec = No effect. Nothing happens at all.
b. Reformat by pressing reset + power + ok = Ran through the reformat process. Currently booting after that. Seeing the same process as before with slow boot time and the email light now flashing.

Any suggestions? Do I need to do a NAND restore? Or is the poor Z hosed?

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