This portable is SLOW. Not just slightly slow, but right-click-wait-15-seconds-to-redraw-menu slow. It is painful to use. The hard drive clicks whenever the machine boots, and about 50% of the time it won’t even load Windows. It throws a hard drive and ethernet card error message (boot disk not found and PXE error on ethernet recheck cable).

I keep hoping that it can last just a little while. Just a few more months. Of course now with the desktop dead, I can’t afford to replace the portable just yet. I can’t rely on a half-dead portable that is slower than dirt and can’t run the software I have to document.

I had really been hoping to use some money I’ve saved up to purchase a Mac Book Pro 17″ (drool, gasp at price). Instead, I picked up the Mac Mini (which has been a little workhorse). I often use the Medion Akoya LS to write about an application that is running on the desktop. It makes it a little odd to transfer screen shots, but it means I can write without constantly switching between applications. Very useful in software documentation.

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