January 21, 2011

WordPress and new user registrations

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Over the past few year, I’ve been getting 2-3 registrations on this blog per day with very few actual posts from the new users. The registrations are from automated spam bots trying to see if they can log onto the site and take over some functions.

I sorted through the 1100+ users who had registered on this blog and removed the ones I thought were spam accounts. I may have removed a real user account or two by accident.

Sabre, a WordPress plugin, provides captcha text and other challenges for new registrations on a WP site. I have activated new user confirmation and requesting completion of a simple math challenge. (No captchas. Can’t stand them.) If a new registration isn’t confirmed within three days, the account is deleted.

Sorry about the additional requirements for creating an account, but I had to do something to prevent so many spam account registrations.

You don’t have to create an account to log on to this blog and leave a comment. You can log on using an account from another service like Facebook, etc.

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