A few weeks ago, I traded in my old Note 2 for a new one due to issues with the micro SD card and not receiving phone calls. Kinda hard to have a phone that doesn’t function as a phone. It’s been right about three weeks since I traded in the other phone and everything seems to be going fine. I haven’t had any issues with the memory card and all of my phone calls appear to come through (both incoming and outgoing).

The wifi calling issues still come up. Periodically the phone disconnects from wifi calling with an invalid certificate error. Reconnecting wifi calling corrects this issue most of the time. It’s annoying. I’ve told my friends to leave me a message and I’ll call them back. When wifi calling doesn’t work, I don’t get a notice that I’ve missed a call. Leaving a message is the only reliable way to make sure I call back.

I’ve been very pleased with the camera’s responsiveness and image quality. While the larger phone size makes it harder to keep the phone still (low light pictures are prone to blurriness), I’ve still been able to compensate by taking multiple images. The G2 was so slow to focus and write an image after it was taken. The Notes’ camera is responsive and snappy. The video quality has also been very good. Now I just have to post some of the images I’ve taken.

Overall, I’m very glad that I have the Note 2 and not the Galaxy S III (which is also a nice phone). I can type on both of the screens, but the features in the Note 2 fit better with what I want to do. I’m slowly learning more about the feature set. The S Pen is something I still play with. I’ve used it for drawing and editing some images. I’ve also used it for note taking, although I can type faster than the S Pen keeps up (with worse accuracy though). I have a feeling the S Pen and it’s associated applications are something you have to figure out how (and if) they fit into how each person uses the device. There are a lot of capabilities I like theoretically but haven’t put into practice yet. Those items will end up in other blog posts.

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