I’m doing a big experiment tonight. I’m actually installing software I need to document on a virtual machine running Windows XP. All of this on a poor little mac Mini. It is getting maxed out pretty hard. It’s getting another RAM upgarde tomorrow, which will help. Lots of externl storage available too, so that can’t hurt.

I’m running Parallels with a VM with XP Pro. So far, so good. Even running a VM you still have to constantly patch Windows. How annoying. It seems to be running okay, though. Everything is going smoothly… here’s hoping the software (and dongle) are recognized. Otherwise I’ll be doing either boot camp or else up grading my portable to WinXP Pro. Not the best maching ot have to deal with that on. I’d rather not mess with it. Poor little thing has had a rough life.

I’ll post after the reboots have finished to say how the VM work went.

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