A few months ago, I bought a spiffy new all-in-one printer/scanner/fax: a Lexmark X7675 Professional from the discount table at CompUSA. The model was being phased out, and it looked like a reasonable buy. Price was good (we love half off) and the model had reasonable reviews. For the first five months, the printer worked flawlessly. No problems with duplex printing, scanning, copying… everything was fine.

Two nights ago, my cat and I were curled up in the living room watching a movie. I hear a loud popping noise from the office and immediately get up. Nothing seemed out of place. Until today, when I had to print the dance choreography for a recital I have in three weeks. The hinge at the back of the printer suddenly has issues and now the top won’t close. The printer is useless (thinks I have the lid open to replace the ink cartridges).

I wonder if Lexmark will honor warranties on things that were purchased from a discount table? How do I prove that I didn’t do anything to the printer? Gah. And where is my receipt? This is going to be so much fun! (NOT)

SO… Now I get to pull out my old printer and use that. Stuff like this pisses me off. I won’t buy another Lexmark. I should have just bought another Cannon printer.

Normally, I love a technology challenge. Drivers not working? I’ll find a way around it. RAM or hard drive issues? I’m on it. Broken hinges in printers because a spring popped through where it shouldn’t? Not so much. It frustrates me to no end to not be able to immediately fix this.

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