I was dressed for the gym and went to load Zombies Run. The playlist option was missing half of the play lists. WinAmp showed only two locally saved playlists and no music. A few days ago, the phone was randomly mounting and unmounting the microSD card. The vibration notice going off on Friday morning was enough to unmount the SD card.

Tonight, the storage menu showed that there wasn’t an SD card mounted. Pressing Mount under the Storage settings didn’t do anything, removing the card and reinserting didn’t do anything. Rebooting the phone numerous times had no effect. Instead of going to the gym (no music, no zombies!), I went to Target to look for an SD card.

I purchased an inexpensive USB microSD card reader and a replacement 32 GB class 10 microSD card (just in case mine was hosed). Luckily my old card was readable by the USB reader. I backed off all of the data and then reinserted the card into the phone and voila! the storage menu mounted the card. The important thing is that I got the my photos and data off of the card.

I’ll return the new card tomorrow since my old card appears to be working fine.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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