The first blog post on was on April 11, 2004. At that time, I had two horses (Isis and Logan) and four cats (Basette, Ambush, Stella, and Kiesha). Seven years later, I have only one kitty and three horses.

I started this blog as an outlet for dealing with the medical issues my cats and horse had. Basette, my sweet little black cat, was a diabetic who never responded to insulin treatment. She was a courageous loving cat who never complained even as the diabetes stole her eye sight, coordination, and eventually dulled her mind. A few years later, my same vet who struggled with finding a treatment Basette would respond to, diagnosed Ambush with diabetes. My yin-yang cases: the black cat whose diabetes was never controlled and the white cat who immediately responded to treatment and lived several years after the initial diagnosis. Ambush died just over a year ago from complications from the diabetes.

The two constant characters on this blog have been Isis and Stella. Isis turned 18 this past March. She has survived medical conditions that have killed other horses: laminitis, EPM, and colic. She has been the Miracle Mare (and may she remain so). Dear little Stella passed away this past December, after a long life of 21 years. She died from old age and was playful and happy up until the last day or so she was alive.

Kiesha is the only kitty still with me. At 14, she was the youngster. She has thyroid problems but it is relatively easily controlled. She has turned into an aggressive cuddle-cat and does her best to make demands equivalent to having four cats in the house.

Seven years and almost 1000 posts on this blog. Most of them written to catalog what happened with the horses and the cats, as a way of helping me preserve my own sanity. I’ve also used the blog to share details and pictures to my vets. I also hope that some of the topics I’ve written about will help others learn from what happened to my animals.

I also have a few techy-geeky posts, Open Office procedures, and archaeology-related posts. I have gotten a few thank-yous for my Open Office procedure. Every time, these posts make my day.

Thank you for sharing this continuing journey with me.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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