When I first got the Entourage Pocket Edge, there was a good learning curve about what the device can and can not do — and how to hack it to make it do more things. More is good, right? Here are some useful links that I found.

From the XDA Developers forum:

From the Mobile Read forum:

Pocket Edge Wiki is a new site, but could develop into a great resources.

Updating the Pocket Edge to Android 2.2

Even though Entourage pulled the copy of the Edge forums from their web site and closed the store, the company did leave the files and instructions for updating the Edge and Pocket Edge to Android 2.2. I tried several times to download the files from the Entourage site and never got a complete file (should be ~141 MB).

Luckily, I found another site with instructions, the beta Ermine update, and the Android 1.6 files in case the 2.2 update needed to be rolled back. The Edge Hackers forum has a wealth of information, including downloads of the Android 2.2 firmware updates.

Getting the Android Market to work requires either a rooted Android phone running the same version of the OS (2.2 in this case) or a desktop computer with the Android emulator/SDK installed. A third, less reliable option required you to root the Pocket Edge, install the Android Market Enabler, and then choose a phone to emulate. This method dis not work for me. I don’t have a rooted Android 2.2 device, so I’ll probably try the Android emulator next.

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