It is really on it’s last legs. The drive is clicking every time it boots. It is throwing error messages (no hard drive found and PXE error on the ethernet card — says to check the cable because it’s not working properly).

Since I bought the Mac Mini, which has been stable and rock solid. Amazing, really. Much faster than the old machine. I’ve upraded the RAM to 1 gig (from 512) and have another 1 gig stick for it. That will max out the RAM at 2 gigs.

What can I do with the portable besides pray? Here’s the plan… The warranty has expired on the portable so I’m going to try and do the repairs on it. No tech manuals online for a Medion Akoya LS (besides the user manual, which I have in English and German). I’ve bought a 120 gig hard drive to replace the dying 60 gig (and an external case to store the 60 gig in after it’s removed — and to use for cloning the old drive onto the new one) and a RAM upgrade from 512 to 1 gig (maxing out the RAM). This will be nerve wracking.

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