I have a T-Mobile G2 (HTC Desire Z) for 18 months or so and have been very happy with. It’s my first Android phone (version 2.3.3). My favorite part of the phone is that it has a physical keyboard and comes with (almost) stock Android. No funky manufacturer overlay on it like you have with most HTC, Samsung, or Motorola Android phones.

My keyboard quit working today. I opened the phone to slide out the keyboard and the screen goes black. Change the orientation on the screen with the keyboard open and the screen goes black. I have to close the keyboard and press the power button to (hopefully) get the passcode screen to display. Searching around on T-Mobile support forums revealed several posts from other G2 owners with the same phone issue. Apparently, this keyboard acting up is a hardware issue.

Yay for phone replacement programs! T-Mobile is sending me a new phone. I should have it in a day or so.

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