This is just too cool. I finally got the Windows XP environment setup to run the software I’m documented. And Parallels worked smoothly, beautifully even. A self-contained environment for Windows. With Windows running using Parallels, the beta software even recognized the USB dongle that authenticates the software (and allows it to run). The dongle was plugged into a port in a daisy-chained hub. Amazing. The dongle never worked on the real desktop if it wasn’t plugged directly into the case.

Cool. I’m likin’ this. Only thing I need now is to get the RAM upgrade on the Mac Mini. I am taking Tuesday off for the vet. Hopefully I’ll have time to take the machine in to be upgraded. (Irks me to have to take a device in for updates. I’m used to doing my own upgrades. RAM is usually pretty easy. Not, apparently, in a Mac Min.)

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