I’m having to use the Winddow XP virtual machine on the Mac to do character updates for gaming tonight. Stupid fucking Windows keeps asking if I want to reboot. It’s downloading updates in the background even though that was turned off. I get so aggravated with Windows.

It’s amazing how having to use an application that relies on Windows’s .NET will drive you up the wall. Even though my netbook has XP installed, the .NET installation was customized for the application I documented for a customer. The character builder from DnD won’t run on it. Times out with no error messages. The fix for this? Wipe Windows and reinstall. I have to use my virtual machine on the iMac to run character builder. (My stress levels are way lower when I don’t have to use Windows.)

I’m not even going to get started on Internet Explorer’s “implementation” of web standards. (At least, IE will finally have an implementation of SVG in version 9. Finally. They are years behind Firefox, Opera, and WebKit browsers like Safari and OmniWeb.) Too many days spent fighting CSS in IE when the site worked well in every other browser.

There are reasons why I have a Mac and like unix terminal command line (instead of installing something like Cygwin on top of everything else in Windows). Enough of a rant. I’m going out to the barn to spend time with the girls while the computer updates. Stupid thing.

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