My little Acer Aspire One D150 has officially died. Can’t get it to boot and not sure what’s wrong with it. It’s dead dead dead. I’ll have to pull the hard drive and RAM and reformat it to remove any old data. I’m just glad that I don’t use anything local. It’s all backed up on cloud storage.

I’m kinda annoyed because I spent a lot of quality time with it lately. Once I had Mint Linux installed on the D150, I was using it every night for email and writing blog posts. And now I’m left with my desktop (which I almost never use except for gaming and doing things that require some processing power).

The worrying thing is that the last session I used the netbook, I heard a loud pop from the netbook or the power cord. I’m not sure which. From that point on, it hasn’t charged. I’ve used different power cords, done keyboard combinations to tell the computer to boot into bios mode, had the battery in (and out) while trying to power the D150 on. Nothing. No power lights, no screen, no charging light. Nothing.

It’s dead, Jim. (You grab the tricorder, I’ll grab his wallet.)

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