I originally purchased a Bear Kindle keyboard case for my Kindle Fire 8.9″ tablet. They keyboard was rather like typing on a chicklet keyboard and was unresponsive. I am a touch typist and very picky about the touch on the keyboards that I use. I never used the keyboard case because it felt too bulky and was frustrating to type on. I hit more incorrect keys than correct ones.

After reading some reviews, I opted. to try the Belkin keyboard case for the Kindle. It feels like typing on a regular small laptop keyboard. Like any tablet keyboard case, it takes some time to get used to the smaller key size and layout. The touch on the keyboard is excellent. Amazon had the Belkin case as Warehouse deal for about $40. What a steal.

This blog post is the first thing I’ve used the keyboard to type and I’m quite happy with it. Except that the quote key is farther in and I keep hitting return instead. Just a matter of getting used to it.

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