I’m a geek. First one to admit it. I’ve had bosses who haven’t known what to do with me because I am so into technology. I think gadgets are fun and amazing. I am an early adopter of technology. Maybe it’s the science fiction writer in me that loves the gadgets. One of my bosses even called me ‘Gadget Girl’ — always thought it sounded like a great comic strip character. Our heroine peruses the great electronics show convention floors finding the best gadgets…

Like this one, Kohjinsha SA1F00B. Under 1 kg, this compact portable comes with either a 40 or 80 gig hard drive and a nice keyboard. It’s larger than the Zaurus C3200 (which is also lust worthy), but is a nice machine considering it’s less than $900 from Conics.net. The comparably sized Sony model runs almost three times that.

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