I went to the T-Mobile store tonight to ask for some any support options on the Note 2. The staff at the story didn’t have a wifi network to use to test the phone, so they let me use the store phone to call T-Mo tech support. When you call tech support for a cell phone, you aren’t supposed to call using the phone you need to troubleshoot. Since I only have my cell phone, using the store’s phone was a convenient option.

First tier tech support didn’t offer much help. Her suggestions of rebooting the phone, turning off and on wifi, and reconnecting to the calling network were things I had already tried. She passed me along to second level support. This T-Mo tech support guy said to try changing the phone’s calling preferences under Advanced in Wifi Calling Settings > Set Connection Preference options to Wifi Only (which disables the cellular calling — and means you have to manually revert back to cellular network when leaving wifi coverage). Otherwise, I could perform a hardware reset on the phone to restore it to factory defaults. Once I did that, I’d need to see if the problems persist.

If the phone keeps misbehaving, then I’ll return it for a new one of the same model on Friday.

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