I used to work at a company called iPIX. Like many other companies, it was struck down during the dot-com-bomb of 2000-2001. My job there was my dream job — and it stayed that way for the first 18 months. After that, things went downhill but not for what I was doing, but just things in the company in general. Any IT or internet-based business at that time was a chancy place to work. (Job security? What’s that?)

Before the first round of layoffs, the employees were given a copy of the book “Who moved my cheese?” We had peptalks about upcoming change. You know, the kind that try to make you feel better without providing any details of what “change” really means (a sure sign of impending doom).

A fellow iPIX survivor emailed me this Dilbert cartoon today. I just about lost it. We both got the joke.


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