On a good side, there is a rumor that the Sci Fi channel will air season 3 of Doctor Who in July.

On a spit-nails-or-cry, The Sun has an article claiminng that Doctor Who would be axed after season 4 due to a mass exodus of the executive producer and writer, Russell T. Davies, and other senior staff. This article has since been disputed by an article on The Guardian (registration required), summarized on Outpost Gallifrey. Apparently, the rumours are false. There was some consolation: even if Davies left, the BBC would probably bring in a new executive producer.

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Nantonos Aedui · June 21, 2007 at 02:11

The Sun regularly makes up wild rumours about everything. Its not a newspaper; it a tabloid. A US equivalent would be the National Enquirer.

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