The desktop is dead. I bought new ram. It booted once when I took the bad and put in the new sim. I shut it down to reconnect everything. Went to the kitchen for a drink, came back and could smell something burning.

Now it won’t boot at all. Have tried everything I can think of–every combination of simms, both the one that I knew was working and the old one. I have tried the individual simms in each slot, and nothing happens. No signal to the monitor. No beeping noises. Nothing. Not even a display of the bios. I’ve had it. I’m returning the SIM I bought tomorrow and cannibalizing the box. At least I have the cases to take out the hard drives and put them into external boxes.

Now I’m really glad that I bought the Mac Mini… At least I can setup bootcamp on it and test whatever software I need to on a small partition. The bad news is that this means I won’t have any gaming until I get the new Mac Book Pro (which will be a while).

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