I played a game on Twitter today called Mobster World. When I signed on to the game, it asked for access to my Twitter account. Other Facebook applications also ask for access to FB pages, so I did not think anything of it. Happily played the game for a while and then went offline for a nap.

My phone buzzed with a new text message: a friend on Twitter had un-followed me because the game spam was taking over her Twitter feed. I checked my computer and was appalled and severely annoyed: the game posted every action to my Twitter account. I can tend to play games like that intensely for 10-15 minutes and then come back another day… I deleted 50+ messages from my Twitter feed that had been posted by that wretched game.

For people who follow me on Twitter: I’m really sorry about the spam. I did not know that *any* action (much less every one) would be posted in a giant spam feed. (Another friend pointed out that the spam messages can be turned off by going to the Settings page in Mobster World and turning notifications off.)

As soon as I realized what happened, I unsubbed from the game, removed it’s access to my account, and began sending apologies.

If you play any game that accesses a social networking account, make check the notifications *before* you start playing.

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