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Only one file disappears

Only the header image collage I made of the girls disappears. The current header image has remained for several days.

Suffusion theme hates the banner image I created. Not sure if it was the size, the file format or what. Every night the file disappeared. (Gremlins in the server!) The current banner is Isis running. The picture was taken on one of her first times out in a big pasture after her colic surgery. She felt so good to get out of her stall and really run.

I’m considering using Suffusion for a project at work, so I’m playing with it here first. It has a lot of options and capabilities. Interesting, although I need to do more work with it to find out any other quirks. I don’t want to take the time to design a site using this theme at work and then have the header image disappear when a Higher Up reviews the site.

Disappearing files

I loaded the site today and my banner image had disappeared. No idea why. The file can’t be found on the server. It’s very strange. I haven’t logged in or edited the site in a few days. Not sure what happened.

I’ve replaced the collage with a backup header image. This is very strange. I wonder what might have caused this… If the current file disappears, then I’ll put in a trouble ticket with my hosting company.

New site layout

Best thing about WordPress is that site layout can be changed easily. Worst thing about WordPress is that site layout can be changed easily. You can lose hours getting sucked into looking at themes, tweaking newly installed themes, and then making new graphics for header images.

I just switched to a theme called Suffusion. Lots of options without having to edit the CSS files (which I don’t mind doing, but it’s nice to not have to use FTP to transfer files as they are updated).

The new banner image features (from left to right): Kasane, Prize, and Isis. I almost used an image of Logan kicking at Isis, except the color balance was off and didn’t want to be corrected.

New theme

Over the weekend I tried a new theme that had a section that looked like torn paper with pictures behind it. Unfortunately, the theme didn’t work in Internet Explorer. The pictures appeared on top of the torn paper images instead of behind. (Maybe it’s a layering issue in the CSS.)

Any way, I loaded this theme and we’ll see how it works. I would like to customize a theme with horse pictures. Most of the themes with horses I don’t like.

I’ve also started having a Twitter feed automatically post daily digests. If this is too much traffic from the blog, I’ll turn the auto update off.

New Theme, New WordPress

Every few months I find a new theme I like and change things around. This theme is called Lyrics, designed by ThemeRama. I like the layout, but I’m not crazy about some of the features. It would be nice to have a tab for each page (like archives and photography). I may try to tweak it and see what happens…

I’ve also just updated to version 2.7 of WordPress. New sparkly. Yay. Seems to be stable and most of the plugins I use work with it. Except, of course, the bSuite plugin I was using to track stats, add “Related” links to the bottom of posts, and some other little nice touches.

I also have a WordPress plugin, Theme Switcher Reloaded, to let users change the current theme. I’ll see if that works. I have something like 20 themes installed… I’d be interested in hearing what you like.

Edit, 17 Dec 08: As of today, the bSuite plugin has been updated for compatibility with WordPress 2.7.


WordPress 2.5 has known to be incompatible with some plugins. Unfortunately, this includes the Aniga plugin I used for my gallery.

I read reviews on WordPress’ forums and plugin sites: NexGEN Gallery came highly recommended. Fully configurable, many options… sounded great.

Now that my photo gallery has been moved over for several months, I’ve discovered one thing I really don’t like about NexGEN: comments aren’t enabled on the galleries. It’s a technical issue with the plugin, not with my own setup.

I can either change my gallery plugin (AGAIN) or can see what happens… I like having the option for people to leave notes on pictures. Moving between gallery plugins can be easy or it can involve completely rearranging the structure of image folders. Not something I want to do right now.

Problem Fixed

I had two problems with WordPress since I updated to 2.5.1 last week: the trackback field disappeared and no one could leave comments on the posts. The issue turned out to be an incomplete upload of the wp-admin/inludes folder. Once I re-uploaded the folder, the trackback field and comments-enabled options re-appeared on the Write New Post page.

If you encounter any posts that do not have comments enabled, please let me know. I’ll have to verify that things are still working okay. After a database conversion to 2.5.1 and having to re-upload the inludes folder, I wouldn’t be surprised if something else needed to be tweaked.