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Gizmodo has an article on how Wizards of the Coast is working with a company called AltspaceVR to create an official virtual environment for playing D&D. The setup will use Oculus VR hardware for playing. It looks interesting, although would require a good hardware investment for anyoen wanting to use the system. (Personally, I prefer pen and paper — much cheaper.)

One of the comments noted that last Christmas, Wizards laid off a large portion of the D&D team, including the editor of the Player’s Handbook and the Dungeon Master’s Guide. My snarky side thought, well that explains why we haven’t seen a lot of new content for D&D 5e. No one left to coordinate it if the editor is gone.

I still prefer Warhammer. It’s grittier and feels more balanced. Everyday people doing heroic deeds not because they have super skills but because they are motivated to help (or hinder). The players seem more engaged instead of just going along for the ride.

I hate that Warhammer was discontinued but at least the core rule set is being reprinted. The community of players for WFRP 3e is still putting out some amazing stuff, like the randomized adventure generator, created by Emirikol.

It’s good to see that players are pulling together and creating content to share. That’s the sign of an active, healthy player community. Whether or not there is ever another edition of Warhammer, I’ll play the heck out of third edition.

And eventually add Iron Kingdoms RPG to my set of known systems. I just have to find people to play with who want to try it.

Warhammer resources for game masters

Even though Fantasy Flight Games have officially stopped developing Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 3rd edition, the players have continued to develop new resources. I recently found a new-to-me site, Daily Empire, a blog about all things Warhammer. The site has links to some fan-developed adventures, GM resources, tools, and more.

I found a new 120+ page adventure I might run my Warhammer group through: The Queen of Embers. It is geared towards players who are in the middle of their second careers, which is exactly where my players are.

Daily Empire also had a link to an expanded character module from the Winds of Chaos site. While this is really geared towards second edition WFRP, some of the rules and traits can easily be adapted to 3e to make character creation a little more detailed.

Stun to Strike is a fan forum for all things Warhammer. It seems to be a much livelier place than the Fantasy Flight WFRP forums.

Gitzman’s Gallery is a great place to find character sheets, link to Reckless Dice podcast, and the super huge detailed map of the Warhammer world.

More writing underway!

The Winter Writing Festival has been a big boost to productivity. I’m not writing as much on the fiction as I would like because of all of the role-play related writing I’ve been doing. Still fiction but kinda a mixture of the technical writing (explaining how to do a scenario is rather like writing a procedure) with the fiction (writing scenario descriptions, battle mechanics, etc.).

Tonight I finished a good draft of one of the scenes my co-GM and I had done a while back for WFRP 3e Eye for an Eye campaign. I’ve written the draft for the expanded dinner scene. Now I get to write up the draft for the chase sequence between the end of Eye for an Eye and the beginning of the Gathering Storm, the next module the party is doing.

I wrote over 1200 words tonight. That’s quite a haul above 500 words! Two points!

Warhammer FRP dice rollers

Posting these because a friend of mine asked me if I had the links for the WFRP dice rollers. Here they are:

Even though this site isn’t specifically for Warhammer, Any Dice will let you roll any combination of dice.

That’s it for this post. I have to get home and lead a gaming session tonight…

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay character sheets

I’ve been looking for new character sheets for Warhammer FRP third edition (3e). The links to the sheets I’ve found are below. My favorite is Gitzman’s very pretty character sheet. (Note: Don’t print this sheet on a Phaser or other similar printer. You won’t be able to write on the sheet very easily.)

More Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay resources

Listening to Reckless Dice podcast episode 29, and they mentioned a few new resources:

Fantasy Flight Games has also announced an updated / revised version of The Enemy Within campaign for Warhammer. The Enemy Within first came out for Warhammer first edition in 1987 and was one of the most critically acclaimed campaigns. FFG’s revision is being written in part by the original author of the first version, Graeme Davis. Mr Davis has an eye-opening blog post about his experience writing this updated campaign.

One of the questions my Warhammer group has had is how to deal with missing players. Currently, if more than one player is missing, we will do a random encounter that one of our GMs makes up on the fly. Reckless Dice makes the suggestion to do a flashback or dream sequence with the players who are present. That way the players can use current characters without rolling new characters or interfering with the current storyline that involves the missing player(s).

The podcast also discusses whether or not players should be given a base of operations or should they just be made to wander around, organizing components and whether to use all components, and more.

In my group, we’re all learning about the mechanics. We’ve only placed a few sessions (once per month). We are trying to use all of the components right now and then will probably select which mechanics we want to use.  It’s an interesting exploration.

The last part of the podcast discussed how to design an ambush. Questions to answer about critters who are ambushing: plan of attack / retreat, what is the ambush trying to accomplish, motivation, how they will use the terrain, etc. Add fortune dice based upon the planning that went into the planning and misfortune dice for the number of PCs and their training. Or maybe the player with the best observation skill with help from other players. (How do other players help with skill checks?) If the observation checks are successful, then maybe they aren’t caught by surprise. You can also minimize the number of checks being rolled by setting the difficulty level of the check.

Is there a formula for setting up creatures vs PCs? Are things like encounter balance or party balance used in Warhammer FRP? Encounter balance is the process of modifying monsters in an encounter so players are challenged but (usually) not overwhelmed. Party balance is when players create or modify characters based upon the skills or classes other players have. For example, a stereotypical D&D party might have a fighter, magic-user, thief, and cleric. The idea is that each of these classes have specific roles in a party.

Some of the GMs in the podcast are against encounter balance. They think that they should happen as they happen (organic). They happen according to the needs of the story. They happen as they happen when they happen. You’ll fight the creatures who happen to be there. It’s part of the risk of taking on the risk. Tension needs to exist: it’s a way of saying you have to recognize the risk of each decision. Is the risk worth what you want to achieve? Early players tend to be reckless with their characters because they don’t know the limits of their characters.

What about party balance? Part of the fun of Warhammer is letting the players figure out how to work together based upon the characters in the party (as opposed to creating characters based upon who is in the party or what the party will be facing). When it comes to the players and the group, the GMs want to act in the best interest of a good time. They try to make sure that everyone is treated fairly. Should a new player start at Rank 2 if another character is Rank 2? Idea that characters have to be balanced with each other doesn’t work for some of the GMs. The characters specialize in what they are good at — without worrying about the skills present in the party overall. The players have to figure out how to make things work together. (I like this point.)

Also this statement for Gathering Storm: Three nice episodes with horrible interludes and a bad ending. The adventure needs a lot of work out of the box to make it good. Edge of Night is bulky and not fun for the players. Good source book for Ubsereik. All of the other adventures were nice to play out of the box. Any game master should take a pre-made adventure and tailor it to fit the party and play style.

Tales of a first-time game master

I game mastered my first Warhammer session the other night. Oh man do we have a great group of people. We played for a few hours through an off-the-cuff nonsensical adventure in Ubersreik. It was a ton of fun and helped us get a feel for the game mechanics. I have lots of respect for all of the game masters I’ve worked with. Man do you all have to do a ton of work.

I’m going to write up the stories of learning how to GM and provide any tips I can. I may also write up the adventure we did. It’s a very simple one that we made up as we went. Any group of players that includes a zealot, dwarf thief, gambler, and a roadwarden will have tales to tell.

Appreciating game masters

I knew preparing a campaign would be a lot of work. I knew learning a new system like Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay would be work. What I didn’t realize was how much reading, learning, and creativity would be involved in pulling everything together.

Boy do I have a lot more appreciation for the work all of the game masters I’ve played with have done.

Here’s to all of the GMs out there whose work might not be as appreciated as you might like. I’ve had hours of fun gaming with some fantastic GMs over the years. Thank you for the inspiration for having the courage to GM my own session in the next few days.

More resources for Warhammer FRP

I’m starting to play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) and I’ve been looking for adventures. There are adventures a few available in modules and supplements published by Fantasy Flight Games. What I wanted was something short that the group could use to learn about playing. Here are some of the resources I found.

One-sheets–single episode / evening adventures–are available on the Daily Empire blog. There are also lots of resources and links for Warhammer FRG. I found out about the Daily Empire from the Reckless Dice Podcast.

Recklkess Dice also mentioned Jay Hafner’s site on RPTools.net as a resources. There are several 3e modules and resources in his file section. Some of the modules include:

I found two other character sheets in the downloads section of the Daily Empire:

Outworld Studio offers an NPC generator for WFRP, too. Useful for a GM.

Learning Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

I’m starting to learn Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, third edition, published by Fantasy Flight. Warhammer has been around for quite a while, both the roleplaying game (RPG) and the miniatures game. I have been interested in the RPG, but never had the opportunity to play a Warhammer game. So… what do you do when you want to play something and none of the local gaming stores offer sessions in the RPG of your choice? You buy all of the books and then con (“invite”) your friends to share the painful process of learning a new system together.

There are two options for buying Warhammer. You can either buy the huge boxed core set or you can use the Players and Game Masters Guides. The core set includes basic rule books, plus all of the nifty pieces, dice, and cards you can (optionally) use to play the games. The two hardback guides include the rule book contents from the core set and several of the expansion sets. However, none of the cards, dice, and nifty pieces are included.

There are lots of videos and web sites for learning about WFRPG.

Learning about the game

Resources for players