Wifi calling issue on Note 2

Searching for articles on problems with using T-Mobile’s wifi calling on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 returns multiple results, including an enlightening good discussion on the XDA forum. The phone doesn’t keep a consistent connection to the wifi calling service. I get an ERR Connection Refused, invalid certificate, Read more…

Phone wierdness

I have a T-Mobile G2 (HTC Desire Z) for 18 months or so and have been very happy with. It’s my first Android phone (version 2.3.3). My favorite part of the phone is that it has a physical keyboard and comes with (almost) stock Android. No funky manufacturer overlay on Read more…

Severely dead Mac

My poor little Mac died a painful death. What had apparently started weeks ago with random DVD drive openings, ended today with the machine going into an endless boot cycle. Today was not a good day for this to happen. I was already annoyed from idiots on the drive home Read more…

Concern over giant UK database

The BBC web site today reported that the Home Office of the UK is proposing development of an large communications database — greatly reducing privacy in net or mobile communications. The Communications Data Bill, due to be introduced in November in the Queen’s Speech in the UK, will create a database holding “communications information” on people’s phone calls, email, web browsing (pages visited, etc.) and other data. Allegedly, this database will not retain the content of the communications, only information about them. So while the sender, recipient, and date/time stamp of an email might be kept, the content of the email would not be.

The government is considering setting up a single database holding all the information, which would include numbers dialled and websites visited.

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Desktop Solution

The guy I purchased the Acer Aspire One from Craigslist also had an OS X desktop system available. He originally quoted me a very good price. However, from the time I bought the Aspire One to when I emailed a few days later about the desktop system, the price had gone up by $150. The system specs were okay, but the sudden price increase put me off.

I decided not to get the pre-built system. I figured I could get a much better system for about the same price — assuming I’m willing to install the operating system and can actually get it running.

After work on Monday, a fellow conspirator and I went to Tiger Direct to pick up a hard drive for him. I wanted to look for a bag for the Acer Aspire — all of my bags are way too big. Any way, I ended up coming home with enough stuff to build a system with much better specs. I ended up paying about $600 for $700 worth of stuff (manager took $100 off of the Shuttle bare bones system display model so it was $250 instead of $349).


Problem Fixed

I had two problems with WordPress since I updated to 2.5.1 last week: the trackback field disappeared and no one could leave comments on the posts. The issue turned out to be an incomplete upload of the wp-admin/inludes folder. Once I re-uploaded the folder, the trackback field and comments-enabled options Read more…