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Major update on the house (odd offer part 2)

So the lady who had asked about possibly leasing the house for six months talked with her father. They bought a copy of the home inspection from my agent and looked at the house this morning. Didn’t find anything wrong.

I have another offer on the house! Whee! No financing to worry about since it is a cash offer. We close next Friday.

As previously intended, I’m actually moving my stuff out of the house this weekend.


Odd offer on the house

The house has had four showings in the past week. That’s great traffic — more than it had last month.

My agent called me a few minutes ago. She said a lady contacted about doing a lease with option to buy at the end of six months. My agent thought the deal sounded fishy because

  • The woman initially said that she is going through a divorce and would like to buy the house in October, no make that November, no wait… December, well maybe do a six-month lease with option.
  • The woman supposedly was going to have cash from the divorce and would buy the house once she had the money.

And the grand-daddy of all reasons: The woman has never seen the house. Why do you make an offer on a house without seeing the interior?

Maybe I should give this woman the benefit of the doubt. Based upon my agent’s description of the conversation, the entire situation sounded fishy because the details kept changing to have a longer time frame. When I was going through a divorce, I knew the dates involved and had made arrangements. (I was also very lucky to have an amicable situation.)

My agent and I declined the offer. We did talk about the possibility of putting the house up for lease, but I’d rather not do that. Once someone gets into a house in a lease or rent situation, it is difficult to dislodge them if something goes wrong. It can take like six months or more.

Of course there comes a point where the monthly out-go is too high and I would have to do something. If I do lease the house, I would use a leasing company. The house would probably have to be rented/leased for a few years until the market comes back up. My agent said that there is a 17 month supply of houses in Knoxville right now. With so much inventory available, people will have to drastically cut house prices to sell.


Showing, again

The house is supposed to be shown today. Maybe, just maybe this will be result in another offer… Four showings in one week is pretty good, considering the market right now.

Maybe I should be more optimistic. I’m trying. I really am. I’m just getting frustrated and feeling like things will never work out.

Be patient. Have faith. Everyone keeps telling me that. I am trying, really.

Another showing

Yesterday after I posted here, i received another email detailing a second showing for the house. All good news, especially if something happens to the current contract. I don’t remember having this many showings mid-week for quite a while.

Maybe it means the market is picking up over all? Or maybe it’s just a fluke?

More showings

The house has a showing scheduled for today and another for tomorrow. Maybe, maybe someone will like it…

I get nervous about not being in town. Last time I checked on the house, the hall way had leaves and dirt that had been tracked in by viewers. People who had viewed the house at the time said that it didn’t show well (scores of 2-3 out of 5). After I was in Tennessee last time and cleaned up the yard and the house, the overall score increased to 3-4.

It’s been warmer now and I know the pond is a been green slimy mess. It needs to be drained, cleaned, and then refilled. (Not something I’ve done before.) I know how turned off I was by the pond when it was pea soup. I can only imagine what impression people looking at the house think when they see the pond. I don’t think algal blooms count as floral decoration.

With the ever-increasing cost of gas, it becomes more cost prohibitive to make the drive to Tennessee. In January, I could spend about $125 for the entire trip. Now that figure is closer to $200 for three tanks of gas and a little food.

The pond is pretty, but it was the one thing that almost made me not want to buy the house. Other people consider it a major selling point. Funny how viewpoints change.

Post viewings… no word.

As of tonight, the house has had quite a few viewings after being relisted. Maybe 8 now? Not sure of the exact total. I should be hearing some feedback pretty soon.

I feel nervous about hearing back. I was so excited when I thought that maybe one couple were looking at the house a second time. It means they might have a more serious interest than other people who have viewed the house.

It’s also a little nerve wracking when you aren’t at the house and you don’t know what people are seeing when they walk in. Two friends of mine regularly check up on the pond and the house (for which I’m grateful!). I owe them big time. I never imagined that they might be looking after the house for months like this.

My friend at work keeps telling me I should shift my attitude from being pessimistic to being more positive to attract the right buyers. She’s right.

Equine Withdrawl

I have pictures of Isis all over my cube. Her face is the background on my cell phone. I carry several hundred megabytes worth of pictures of her every where I go on my MP3 player. It is almost impossible to express how much I miss her. It’s like having your sanity in another state…

Missing her is part of why the house not selling has been hitting me so hard. All I want is to have everything settled so I can have her here and the house sold. So the Tennessee chapter has closure instead of being in-between. I’m trying really hard to have a good attitude about the house selling but I just want my kid here (when I have the budget to properly get her here, not when I’m financially strapped because of paying mortgage and rent).

I made the mistake once of brining a horse from Tennessee to North Carolina when I didn’t have the budget to support her. I lost my mare because of it. (I’m not going in to details here because it was the most soul-wrenching thing I’ve ever had to do. I might write it up some time, but not now when the memories of those last days with Prize are still present.) I’m not repeating that mistake.

House please sell. Please please please.

Motivated seller, indeed.

Yet more activity!

The house is seeing a lot of activity. Two showings scheduled for today and two more for early next week. One of the people who looked at the house this past week said they might do a second showing today… Maybe they did.

Here’s hoping that I get an offer soon!

Three showings in two days

This is a good week for the house: three showings in two days. There is a new showing scheduled for this evening.

A lady I work with pointed out that I should try to have a better attitude. I’ve been rather pessimistic. Would you be if you’d had 25+ viewings and no offers? She said that the house is getting good visibility and I just need to focus on attracting the right people to purchase the house. Think positive and all that.

Funny. I gave a similar talk to my sister when she was frustrated with a job hunt.