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Gaming movies

A friend of mine suggested two movies. One of these I’ve seen before (Gamers: Dorkness Rising) and the other I haven’t seen> I own most of the D&D movies, even the really especially bad ones. Imagine my delight to find out that there is a D&D movie available on YouTube that I hadn’t seen. Here is my viewing for some time later this week.

D&D: The Book of Vile Darkness

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

XKCD on gaming

XKCD is a web comic about geek, language, math, and love. And of course, the periodic jab at geek culture like role playing games, science fiction, etc. All fun and done in stick figures.

Some times only gamers know exactly how to decipher a manuscript.

Never go up against a GM…

Some times there are reasons why you keep the gaming supplies separate from any other types of dice…

Tales of a first-time game master

I game mastered my first Warhammer session the other night. Oh man do we have a great group of people. We played for a few hours through an off-the-cuff nonsensical adventure in Ubersreik. It was a ton of fun and helped us get a feel for the game mechanics. I have lots of respect for all of the game masters I’ve worked with. Man do you all have to do a ton of work.

I’m going to write up the stories of learning how to GM and provide any tips I can. I may also write up the adventure we did. It’s a very simple one that we made up as we went. Any group of players that includes a zealot, dwarf thief, gambler, and a roadwarden will have tales to tell.

Appreciating game masters

I knew preparing a campaign would be a lot of work. I knew learning a new system like Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay would be work. What I didn’t realize was how much reading, learning, and creativity would be involved in pulling everything together.

Boy do I have a lot more appreciation for the work all of the game masters I’ve played with have done.

Here’s to all of the GMs out there whose work might not be as appreciated as you might like. I’ve had hours of fun gaming with some fantastic GMs over the years. Thank you for the inspiration for having the courage to GM my own session in the next few days.

More resources for Warhammer FRP

I’m starting to play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) and I’ve been looking for adventures. There are adventures a few available in modules and supplements published by Fantasy Flight Games. What I wanted was something short that the group could use to learn about playing. Here are some of the resources I found.

One-sheets–single episode / evening adventures–are available on the Daily Empire blog. There are also lots of resources and links for Warhammer FRG. I found out about the Daily Empire from the Reckless Dice Podcast.

Recklkess Dice also mentioned Jay Hafner’s site on RPTools.net as a resources. There are several 3e modules and resources in his file section. Some of the modules include:

I found two other character sheets in the downloads section of the Daily Empire:

Outworld Studio offers an NPC generator for WFRP, too. Useful for a GM.

Learning Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

I’m starting to learn Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, third edition, published by Fantasy Flight. Warhammer has been around for quite a while, both the roleplaying game (RPG) and the miniatures game. I have been interested in the RPG, but never had the opportunity to play a Warhammer game. So… what do you do when you want to play something and none of the local gaming stores offer sessions in the RPG of your choice? You buy all of the books and then con (“invite”) your friends to share the painful process of learning a new system together.

There are two options for buying Warhammer. You can either buy the huge boxed core set or you can use the Players and Game Masters Guides. The core set includes basic rule books, plus all of the nifty pieces, dice, and cards you can (optionally) use to play the games. The two hardback guides include the rule book contents from the core set and several of the expansion sets. However, none of the cards, dice, and nifty pieces are included.

There are lots of videos and web sites for learning about WFRPG.

Learning about the game

Resources for players

Women fighters in realistic armor

I’ve often complained about the inappropriate armor on female miniatures we use in gaming. Most of the time the figures are scantily clad (especially fighters). Thieves seem to be a little better. Gotta love well-endowed breastplates (aka “boobplate”).

My Dungeon Master from the Saturday night gaming group emailed me a link to a site called “Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor: ladies that kick ass and dress for kicking ass“. The site is full of images of women who look like they are dressed for combat and mean business.

One of the articles has a link to another site with a discussion about why “boobplate” wouldn’t have worked for protective armor: “a href=”http://l-clausewitz.livejournal.com/384382.html”>Why female breastplates don’t need breast-bulges.”

Very useful info when writing about armor for women.

.NET, Windows XP woes

I’m having to use the Winddow XP virtual machine on the Mac to do character updates for gaming tonight. Stupid fucking Windows keeps asking if I want to reboot. It’s downloading updates in the background even though that was turned off. I get so aggravated with Windows.

It’s amazing how having to use an application that relies on Windows’s .NET will drive you up the wall. Even though my netbook has XP installed, the .NET installation was customized for the application I documented for a customer. The character builder from DnD won’t run on it. Times out with no error messages. The fix for this? Wipe Windows and reinstall. I have to use my virtual machine on the iMac to run character builder. (My stress levels are way lower when I don’t have to use Windows.)

I’m not even going to get started on Internet Explorer’s “implementation” of web standards. (At least, IE will finally have an implementation of SVG in version 9. Finally. They are years behind Firefox, Opera, and WebKit browsers like Safari and OmniWeb.) Too many days spent fighting CSS in IE when the site worked well in every other browser.

There are reasons why I have a Mac and like unix terminal command line (instead of installing something like Cygwin on top of everything else in Windows). Enough of a rant. I’m going out to the barn to spend time with the girls while the computer updates. Stupid thing.

New game. Time suck.

I enjoy playing games: pen-and-paper RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons (yes people still play it), computer RPGs, MMOs, and all that fun stuff. Bioware, a game company, has a good track record producing RPGs (role-playing games). Bioware produced the Baldur’s Gate series a few years back, a well loved RPG.

Bioware recently released a game called Dragon Age: Origins for PC, PS3, and X-Box. I don’t have any of those machines, although I was considering getting a copy of the PC version to use with Cross Over Games (an application that lets you (kinda) run Windows games on OS X). I found a copy of Dragon Age for the Mac (surprise!) this week and it was 20% off. I couldn’t resist. Such a bargain!

The 9 GB download took 1.5 days to complete. Started on Monday and finished Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday afternoon I played for the first time just to get an idea of how it is.

Awesome doesn’t begin to cut it. Great storyline, good character development. Very well done. How else can you spend six hours enthralled in a game and think only two hours have passed?

New interesting feature in this game is the integration of story progress with a social network. As your character proceeds through the storyline, screen shots and quest updates are posted to the character’s profile social.bioware.com.

Stella plays GW again!

Stella has taken to watching me play Guild Wars (GW) almost every time I log on to the game. When she is ready to play, she sits about two inches from the monitor and watches the screen intently. She decided to help me play on Saturday when I was talking with a friend on GW. My friend used the dance emote and the character began dancing. And Stella was on!

She’ll be 20 this spring, believe it or not.

Stella: Gamer kitty!

Today started with a vet visit with Stella for her fluids. She has been so good about it. Surprising, considering that she has limited patience. If something takes longer than five minutes, she will start protesting vigorously. The fluids have made a huge difference for her: the evening after she has her fluids, she plays hard.

One night, she decided to help me play Guild Wars. This was the first time she took a noticeable interest in what was happening on the screen. Some times she would watch the cursor, but nothing major. This was different. She played for several minutes, trying to “help” my character beat a large battle.

Now she regularly helps me play, some times getting in the way. Tonight she was enthralled with the characters and screen. I have another video I’ll upload.

Last night, she chased her tail in the bathtub for several minutes.

Yup, she’s almost 20 and acts like she’s a kitten. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Top Indie Games You Wouldn’t Mind Paying For

This list was posted on Slashdot today. Great list. I’ve played a few of the games, especially Depths of Peril which, unlike most games, has versions available for Mac as well as Windows.

Lead-in for the article:

If you are sick of the boring and overpriced commercial games, then have a look at this list. These are some of the best indie games out there, innovative, immersive, great gameplay and very reasonably priced (some are even free).

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Simon Jansen, of www.asciimation.co.nz, has built an incredible replica of a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, Doctor Who‘s time machine), complete with a fold-out MAME console for playing retro arcade games.

The TARDIS MAME console is obviously a work of love and art. The attention to detail is amazing.

Me likey!

While you are visiting Mr. Jansen’s site, check out the ascii animation of Star Wars.

If you really want some technical information on the TARDIS, check out the TARDIS Type 40 User Handbook.

Ever play Dragon Dice?

I enjoy odd pens and odd dice. Makes sense, since I’m a writer and a gamer. During the late 1990s, I used to play a game calle Dragon Dice. I lost my dice in one of my previous moves, and have missed playing it. I thought it had been discontinued after Wizards of the Coast bought TSR.

I recently discovered that SFR had purchased the rights to Dragon Dice. My starter set of dice came yesterday. Yay! Ah the memories! Now if I can only remember how to play…

Out of curiousity, I searched for Dragon Dice on YouTube and found this walk down memory lane: