Doctor Who

I’ve been an avid Doctor Who fan since I was little. It’s the one show whose campines, acting, stories, and questionable special effects don’t really matter. So what if the music is over the top and the lines are delivered with the gravitas of a poodle? It doesn’t matter. It’s Read more…

End of Time, part 2

Disjointed and slightly disappointing. I’ll write more later after I’ve rewatched the episode a few times. Love Wilf. He’s just awesome. David Tennant has been brilliant as the Doctor. I’m looking forward to seeing him in other shows. Not sure about Matt Smith. Sniff. *waves* Bye DT. We’ll miss you, Read more…

Doctor Who: End of Time, part 1

I watched End of Time (part 1) with my parents on Saturday night after returning from watching Avatar in 3D. (If you haven’t seen that movie, it’s excellent.) We watched most of Waters of Mars before End of Time. Last time my parents saw any Doctor Who was when I lived at home and was watching Peter Davidson and Tom Baker in classic Who in reruns. I’ve been so involved in watching the series that it’s easy to forget how much back-story is left out if someone is just coming to the show.

Spoilers after the jump.


Simon Jansen, of, has built an incredible replica of a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, Doctor Who‘s time machine), complete with a fold-out MAME console for playing retro arcade games. The TARDIS MAME console is obviously a work of love and art. The attention to detail is Read more…