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Night of the Doctor

BBC has released a mini episode prequel for the Day of the Doctor, which airs next week. This mini episode shows what happens at the end of the 8th Doctor’s life. Finally, Paul McGann is given an official role almost twenty years after the 1996 TV movie aired in the U.S. His Doctor was so happy-go-lucky and was just lovable. I am so glad that he was given the opportunity to do something official. (Now only if they would give him more opportunities. He was brilliant.)

There are even petitions to have Paul McGann come back in some way for more Doctor Who.

Doctor Who

I’ve been an avid Doctor Who fan since I was little. It’s the one show whose campines, acting, stories, and questionable special effects don’t really matter. So what if the music is over the top and the lines are delivered with the gravitas of a poodle? It doesn’t matter. It’s Doctor Who!

Alasdair Wilkin’s essay on “Why I am obsessed with old school Doctor Who” on io9 perfectly captures the reasons why Doctor Who, for some of us, is the show that we love unconditionally.

What drives some fans to draw the Doctor’s name in chalk?

Or a pretty graphic version on YouTube? (The Doctor’s Name appeared in Gallifreyan in the episode Demons Run.)

RIP Elisabeth Sladen, 1948 – 2011

The first Doctor Who episodes I saw featured Tom Baker (fourth Doctor) and his companion, Sarah Jane Smith, played by a very young Elisabeth Sladen. Many more Doctors and companions have followed in their shoes over the decades, but Sarah Jane was always a favourite.

One of my favourite episodes from the new series of Doctor Who (“NuWho”) was School Reunion, which featured a previous companion, Sarah Jane, meeting the Doctor and his current companion, Rose (played by Billie Piper). An older, wiser Sarah Jane compares notes with Rose about their travels with the Doctor: initially competitive and then softening to laughing about the Doctor’s antics. It was wonderful to see the delightful person Sarah Jane grew into.

And now that delightful woman, who has touched so many generations of Doctor Who fans, has passed away. Arwenae, a commentor on the BBC article on the passing of Elisabeth Sladen, summarized the outpouring of love from Twitter steams, Facebook pages, and comments on articles: “It feels as though the internet is crying.”

We will not forget you, Sarah Jane Smith or Elisabeth Sladen.

End of Time, part 2

Disjointed and slightly disappointing. I’ll write more later after I’ve rewatched the episode a few times.

Love Wilf. He’s just awesome.

David Tennant has been brilliant as the Doctor. I’m looking forward to seeing him in other shows. Not sure about Matt Smith.


*waves* Bye DT. We’ll miss you, 10th Doctor.

Doctor Who: End of Time, part 1

I watched End of Time (part 1) with my parents on Saturday night after returning from watching Avatar in 3D. (If you haven’t seen that movie, it’s excellent.) We watched most of Waters of Mars before End of Time. Last time my parents saw any Doctor Who was when I lived at home and was watching Peter Davidson and Tom Baker in classic Who in reruns. I’ve been so involved in watching the series that it’s easy to forget how much back-story is left out if someone is just coming to the show.

Spoilers after the jump.
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Matt Smith as the Doctor? Who is that?

Matt Smith was announced as the new Doctor today. Yup, I’ve never heard of him either. Even my British friends were scratching their heads and hitting the Internet to find out more information about him.

The new Doctor was announced during a special episode of Doctor Who Confidential, which can be viewed in the UK from the BBC web site but not in the US. YouTube has excerpts of the Doctor Who Confidential episode.

I’m not sure what to think. I guess I’ll just have to see what happens as Mr Smith takes on the mantle of the Doctor. I hate to see David Tennant leave, but he has had the role for a proper amount of time (four years, as opposed to Christopher Eccleston’s one year).

2007 Doctor Who Children in Need special

If you haven’t seen this, it’s a classic sketch with David Tennant and Catherine Tate, just before she took on the role of Donna in Season 4. I found this video of the sketch on YouTube.

Initially, Donna was a really annoying character. As the season progressed, she grew into a character who could match the doctor, be his best friend — and finally wasn’t a love interest (unlike Rose and Martha). I won’t go into the ending, but suffice it to say that the end of Season 4 isn’t very happy.

Dalek Christmas tree

3116732665_11f7967f81Someone had a lot of time on their hands and put it to good use this holiday season! The tree at right is the creation of x Plastic Neurospasta who posted picture on Flickr. Any fans of Doctor Who will instantly recognize the Dalek, complete with blue orbs and glowing eye.

If you look carefully between the branches, there is a white tree underneath. The picture, and several others of the tree, are available at x PLASTIC NEUROSPASTA’s photostream on Flickr.

The comments on the Flickr page have some great quotes, among them: “Redecorate! Redecorate!” Heh. Classic.

Here is a video of the tree:

Unbelievable Dalek Christmas Tree from Lindsey J. Testolin on Vimeo.

Doctor Who: Journey’s End

(If you haven’t seen the episode, fair warning: here be spoilers.)

The saddest thing about Journey’s End is the contrast between the Doctor having a TARDIS full of friends and family and the end scene where he is alone in the TARDIS. If you watch Confidential for this episode, the people at BBC say that the Doctor is at his most powerful when he is alone and that he is a tragic character.

There comes a point when it is too much, though. At the end of every season in the new series he has been alone (with the exception of season 1, where the Doctor himself regenerated). He has lost everyone. Now, when he finally has a chance to find some sort of closure with Rose, he leaves her at Bad Wolf Bay just like he did at the end of season 2. (The video is “Almost Lover” by Piratewench32.)

And how does DoctorDonna (10.2) fit into the series itself? In the episode, apparently all of the time lines were converging on Donna towards the creation of DoctorDonna. Why then is 10.2 just dumped on the bay with Rose and abandonned? Is he a clone just to make Rose happy? Rae has some excellent thoughts on this.

Maybe this constant tragedy is getting ready to build the Doctor into the Valeyard, the Doctor’s last incarnation. For the Valeyard to exist, then Gallifrey could not have been destroyed because the Valeyard is the prosecutor in the episodes of Trial of a Time Lord, which takes place on Gallifrey.

Rae, a fabulous fan fiction author of Doctor Who stories (mostly Rose/Ten stories), has some excellent insights on her LiveJournal blog. She posted a link to a video below that summarises many of her disappointments in Journey’s End. The video is “The Doctor Returns – Alt. Ending (Journey’s End)” by abstractvmilk.

What will the future hold as Steven Moffat takes over for Russell T. Davies? The BBC reported on Moffat’s appearance at ComicCon–including that he intends to not bring back the Daleks.


Simon Jansen, of www.asciimation.co.nz, has built an incredible replica of a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, Doctor Who‘s time machine), complete with a fold-out MAME console for playing retro arcade games.

The TARDIS MAME console is obviously a work of love and art. The attention to detail is amazing.

Me likey!

While you are visiting Mr. Jansen’s site, check out the ascii animation of Star Wars.

If you really want some technical information on the TARDIS, check out the TARDIS Type 40 User Handbook.

Doctor Who Season Finale

Here be spoilers. Fair warning.

Oh this is cool. If you didn’t see the last episode, don’t read this until you do.

Waa! TARDIS in temporal prison with Rose, Doctor, Jack, and Donna. Completely useless TARDIS. Imprisoned in the TARDIS on their way to the Dalek Crucible.

Heh. Daleks saying “Exterminate” in German while flying through Neuremburg Forest.

Donna and Doctor #2 (mostly human still Time Lord, one heart, with some of Donna’s mannerisms). Heh One heartbeat: “Disgusting!” Oi! Hysterical!

Testing of a “Reality Bomb”… That’s what the 27 planets are for. Iiiinnnteresting.

Man this is good stuff. Watch it. =)