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Long, slow summer of the Mares

It’s been a long, slow summer. For the past few weeks, I’ve felt like I was holding my breath waiting for Kasane to reinjure herself. She hasn’t. But she might try, like the times she put her back feet through the stall wall and almost needed stitches. (She demolished that wall when she rolled in the stall and got cast.)

I’ve had three mares to work with: Kasane’s rehab cycle (3-5 rides per week on a regimented time frame), Breezy (my new two-year-old filly), and Sahra (Mom’s 16-year-old broodmare). Kasane is always my first priority, with Breezy next and then Sahra.

Breezy in stall
Breezy looking over the stall door

I started Sahra under saddle in December. We’ve had some very good rides but it’s hard to be consistent with the time she needs right now. The good thing is that she lets me ride her and remembers things between sessions. Her retention is excellent — as is her pushing back to see if you really want her to do something. She’s at a place in her training where she could be sent to a professional trainer and be finished anyway Mom wants. Sahra is doing solid walk and trot, mostly in a bitless bridle, but she understands the bit well enough. She’s good with me mounting from the ground or a block. We’ve done a few trail rides. She tolerates a lot (unless you push her too much, and then she pushes back, but a quick discussion and you work through it). She likes being worked.

Breezy and Sahra
Sahra and her granddaughter, Breezy

Mom is going to take Sahra to her farm soon. I’m hoping that she’ll be able to continue Sahra’s training in the spring. Sahra would be such a pretty driving horse, too.

Meet VCL Breeahva

The weekend of March 20th, Mom and I went up to see her stallion, Cedars Mojave, in Culpepper, Virginia, and then drove up to see one of his fillies, VCL Breeahva (aka Breezy). Breezy was a hoot. She’s a late baby, so even though by the Arabian Registry standards she is counted as a two year old, she won’t be two until June.

The first time I saw her, she was in the barn watching the people come in and out of the barn. I wasn’t seriously looking for a second horse, certainly not when Kasane’s vet bills are an unknown quantity for the foreseeable future. 

She has the sweetest expression. She’s so trusting and easy going. What finally did it was seeing how she moves and shows off — and also how curious she is. Here is a video of her playing in the field (the other horse is her dam’s sister). About 75% of the way through the video, she comes up to my phone to investigate. She was never worried or scared.

So yeah. I couldn’t resist her cuteness. She arrived at my barn today, a brave little girl stepping off of the trailer after her first trailer ride.

And now she is settling in with Autumn as her buddy out in the field. I’m happy as I can be. She’s a smart, sweet girl who is going to have grand adventures with me.