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Blood Ties on DVD in the US (finally!)

Blood Ties on DVD in the US (finally!)

I received an email from stating that the Blood Ties DVD will be released in the U.S. on June 2, 2009. No word on what will be included on the DVD. Blood Ties fans have been waiting for almost a year and a half since the last episode aired on LifeTime’s web site.


Update: According to the Save Blood Ties web site, this DVD will only include episodes 1-11 of Blood Ties. Episodes 12-22 will be released on a “Season Two” DVD at some point.

The DVD announcement can be found on TV Shows on DVD.

Blood Ties soundtrack coming!

Blood Ties soundtrack coming!

Some excellent news on the Blood Ties forum within the last few weeks. (I just got it today, so I’m late posting it here.) In a post on the Blood Ties Bloodlines forums dated September 13, James Jandrisch, the composer for the series Blood Ties, said that he is working on releasing the soundtrack indepedently.

Woohoo!! This is awesome news. The series has great music. I can’t wait to hear it!

Not for the faint of heart

Not for the faint of heart

Denis McGrath, blogger of Death Things on Sticks and writer of several Blood Ties episodes, posted a video of Mr Olbermann ranting against President Bush. (I would have posted the video here, but had trouble embedding the code.)

Fair warning, before you press play: if you like Bush, you won’t like what Mr Olbermann has to say.

I might be against the war in Iraq, but since we are there, it should be done correctly with our troops given the support they need. And part of that support means competent leadership in the White House. Some one who is oh maybe honorable and has not been on trial for war crimes?

I’m not even going to into all of implications of the Patriot Act, losses of personal freedoms, abuses of power by law enforcement using new “terrorism” investigation methods, and quite a few others.

Suffice it to say that the sound of the man’s voice makes me irate.

Blood Ties Campaign: Recycle for Sight

Blood Ties Campaign: Recycle for Sight

Besides being a devout following, Blood Ties fans are proving to be resourceful in both giving back to the community and creating awareness of their favorite show. In their latest campaign listed on the Blood Ties Fans Give Back blog, Blood Ties fans are encouraging fans and other people to donate eyeglasses and sunglasses to the Lions Recycle for Sight program. This campaign is most likely inspired by Vicki Nelson, one of the main characters in Blood Ties, who suffers from retinitis pigmentosa (a degenerative eye disease).


As spring cleaning gets under way, Blood Ties Fans are asking people to look through dresser drawers and closets for used eyeglasses and donate them to the Lions Recycle For Sight program.

During the month of May, the Blood Ties Fans Give Back Lions Club Drive will be collecting used prescription eyeglasses and prescription and non-prescription sunglasses as part of a unique recycling program. The collected glasses will be cleaned and prepared for distribution in developing countries where eye care is often unaffordable and inaccessible.

“We need everyone to donate their used eyeglasses,” said Candy Burke, spokesperson for the Blood Ties Drive. “In most developing countries, an eye exam can cost as much as one month’s wages and a single eye doctor may serve a community of hundreds of thousands of people.”

The drive is an International effort with fans participating from all over the world. The donated glasses will be shipped to Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers where they will be cleaned, categorized by prescription and prepared for distribution by Lions and other groups.

To donate used glasses, including sunglasses and reading glasses, pledge online at or email For more information you can visit

Blood Ties Fans Give Back is a product of the fan base dedicated to the television series Blood Ties. The lead character in the series, Vicki Nelson, suffers from retinitis pigmentosa and inspired the fans to sponsor the drive. The fans have previously held a blood drive, and made a donation in the cast name to the Best Friends Animal Society. For more information about Blood Ties, please visit , and

Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organization with nearly 1.3 million members in approximately 45,000 clubs in 200 countries and geographical areas around the world. Since 1917, Lions clubs have aided the blind and visually impaired and made a strong commitment to community service and serving youth throughout the world. For more information about Lions Clubs International, visit the Web site at

Save Blood Ties Web Site

Save Blood Ties Web Site


Press release from the Save Blood Ties web site. It’s nice to have once place with unified information about all of the difference campaigns to save this great show.

Central website to save Blood Ties launched

A new website,, was launched last week and is intended as a central resource for fans to work together and bring the show back for a second season.

From my time in the Blood Ties fandom I’ve seen that there are several great campaigns going on to help out charities and to help promote the show for renewal,” said site creator Kevin Bachelder. However, all those groups/campaigns are spread out over several forums/lists/websites. So I created a single place where we can announce and help promote each of the campaigns from a single website to help increase the overall visibility of the show and give the fans one place to keep up on things.

The new site includes daily updates and even a new podcast, “Bite Back” the Blood Ties podcast, devoted to celebrating the show and informing fans on how to save it from extinction. The site also gives fans the opportunity to show their support for the show on their personal websites with banners that can be linked back to the site.

I originally found a copy of this press release on Tanya Huff’s Live Journal. She is the author of the Blood Books, the inspiration for the TV series Blood Ties. How cool is it that the author of the series supports the fans like this?

Hope for Blood Ties?

Hope for Blood Ties?

If you’ve been watching and waiting for an announcement of a new season of Blood Ties, you aren’t alone. Hundreds of fans all over the world are waiting for this show to be renewed. Just do a search for Blood Ties and you’ll find plenty of entries in your favorite search engine.

E!Online has a recent rumour column that has BT fans enthuseds :

Angelina in Washington, D.C.: Any new news or rumblings from the powers that be on the status of Blood Ties?!
I’m told producers remain “cautiously optimistic” and are hoping to have news for all y’all by March—which would still allow for new episodes by fall ’08.

Maybe this is good news? There has been so much negative speculation. It’s hard to say.