I have a Pentax Digital Single Reflex Lens (DSLR) K100D Super camera body and a set of lenses. Remember that old film camera you used that had exchangeable lenses? This is the same idea, same weight, same satisfying “click” sound as the shutter releases. Instead of using film, the camera has a digital sensor that captures the picture. DSLRs are both a blessing and a curse: they offer much more flexibility and control, but then you have to lug around a kit whenever you want to use the camera. (I actually have two cameras: a point-and-shoot Nikon L18 and the Pentax camera kit.)

Two local camera shops, Peace Camera and Southeastern Camera, both offer used Pentax equipment. I’ve been able to buy used lenses at a fraction of what they might have cost new. Most of these lenses are older and do not have auto focus capabilities. (Learned about a nifty feature where the Pentax displays a light when the image is in focus. Very useful for folks with estigmatism like me.)

I have several lenses that overlap their ranges, which means the duplicates could be sold. Two of my friends, Nantonos in France and Tom in Tennessee, have been helping me take test images to be able to compare the sharpness and color of the lenses.

I will post the test pictures here, along with a list of the lenses. It’s a fun learning experience.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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