Ever add new things to your office or cube just to see if people would notice? Or might be brave enough to say something? I do that some times—especially when I’m trying to get to know people. It’s a great way to meet people. And if they think I’m a little weird, well I am. Hm… Maybe I should say eccentric?

Since I started my new job in January, I’ve been adding things to my cubicle: one new item every few weeks. Nothing major. Just enough to start a conversation. Or so I thought. My first item was a 8″ tall stuffed horse that sits on the corner of my monitor.

Monitor and horse

(Yes I love the dual monitors. Love them love them love them!)

No one commented on the horse. Not one person. People commented on the background picture of the street in Paris, but nothing else. Tough lot.

Okay, one horse obviously wasn’t enough. I created a collage of pictures of my mare, Isis, and posted it on my peg board to the right of my monitors. It’s two letter-size, landscape pages. One full page shot of Isis and a second page with different pictures, including two of Isis and I jumping.

Isis collage 1
Isis turning at the trot

One or two asked if that was me jumping. They were shocked that it was. (People are always surprised when they see pictures of things you’ve told them you do, as if only then it’s real.) That was it, though. No other comments.

It was going to take something drastic.

The week before Valentine’s Day, my sister and I were at the grocery store. She started laughing and called me over to the Valentine’s Day display of flowers and various stuffed animals (most of them obnoxiously cute). Except for the thing she pointed out to me: a giant red lobster with over-stuffed eyelides, eyes, antennas and lips with a bright red hearth-shaped tag with the words “Love Lobster.” I couldn’t stop laughing at the three-foot tall critter. It was so hideous it was cute.

It had to come to Cubeville.

My sister works as a part-time receptionist at my company. She saw me pick the lobster up and the evil grin. She knew immediately what I was plotting.

“Oh no you don’t! If you bring that in, you’re driving separately!”

Of course that just egged me on even more. I plunked down my $30 for the thing and brought it home.

Next day at work, I snuck the Love Lobster in to my cube. No one made any comments about the giant red plush tucked under my arm when I walked in. I just nonchalantly strolled to my desk and sat it up in the corner.


And a closeup:

Love Lobster

Initially some people only slowed down near my desk, glanced in, and hurried past. But then things got fun.

More on that in another post.

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Kraneia Hostile Fay · July 13, 2019 at 11:44

I have one of those!!
We have a whole backstory going on, he is Louis the LXIX, of a faraway land called Lobsteronia. He was lobsternapped as a young spawn and stuffed in a box full of toys.

He currently reigns on the imaginary pirate ship HMS Darwin’s Revenge, with some other stuffed animals also along for the ride.


I haven’t updated in a while, been busy. Working on an update though.

Thanks for the giggle, and give your love lobster a big hug for me 🙂

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