February 23, 2011

Meta Supernatural episode

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The next Supernatural episode goes meta: the Winchester boys get swapped to another reality where they play actors playing themselves. An article in E online says:

The episode, called “The French Mistake,” is a smart, self-aware farce reminiscent of the episodes where Sam and Dean became production assistants on the set of a genuinely haunted horror movie and the installment where the boys blipped into TV show universes, including a Grey’s Anatomy parody and a Japanese game show (wherein Sam was literally punched in the nuts). In this outing, dueling angels dump Sam and Dean onto the set of a TV show called Supernatural, which stars two lightweight actors named Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, is shot in Vancouver (Dean, in a tone of the greatest aggravation: “Dude, we’re not even in America”) and is led by a grandfatherly figure named Bobby Singer. (Read more )

This sounds like a great episode, especially if the trailer is anything to judge by.

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    • The French Mistake (see trailer above) was great fun. I was laughing the entire time. Can you imagine the number of inside jokes they must have had in there that just the cast / crew would get?

      I’ve been surprised how much fun the show is. I’ll have to start watching it again. Did you see “Live Free or Twihard?”

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