It’s like the producers of American Idol and Fear Factor had a love child and produced Killer Karaoke. In this show, singers perform while being scared, shocked, and otherwise put in bodily harm. Yup, not kidding.

When I first saw an article about this on Gawker, I thought it was a joke. Apparently, it isn’t.

Ever see the episode of Doctor Who where the Doctor (played by Christopher Eccleston), Rose, and Adam go to Satellite Five and it’s been turned into a huge broadcast station of nothing but game shows? Except these game shows have a sinister twist: you fail, you die. Get ousted from Big Brother’s house? You get evaporated.

Killer Karaoke would be right at home with the Doctor Who episode. Boggle. Wonder if Russell T. Davies was one of the executive producers?

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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