For the fans of Call of Cthulhu and HP Lovecraft, this bundle of joy from Troll and Toad would be the perfect gift basket:


Plus if you want some interesting background information on some of the mythos:

  • HP Lovecraft created a grimoire for his stories: The Necronomicon. Lovecraft’s stories were so compelling and convincing that people actually believed the book had to exist. In fact, you can find copies of booked entitled “Necronomicon” in the book stores. The Necronomicon Files, by John Wisdom Gonce and Daniel Harms, debunks these books and explains the background history as to why the book is a fake.
  • Daniel Harms also has a blog about Lovecraftian-type stuff entitled Papers Falling from an Attic Window.

Other stuff on Lovecraft is all over the place.

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