The more people I’ve talked to about Vista, the more I refuse to use it. Vista was a major consideration in why I chose to purchase a Macintosh. Every person I know who has purchased a machine with Vista on it hates the operating system. It is also partially crippled, especially if you purchase any of the Home versions of Vista.

Windows XP (Home and Pro) has this nice feature that lets you restore from a backup. Effectively, you roll back the Windows environment to a prior date. If you have installed something that hosed your system, like funky drivers, then this is a time-saving feature. You’d think that Vista Home would offer the same protection as XP Home did with Backup/Restore. Actually, it doesn’t. Vista Home will make the backup, but you can’t restore from them without purchasing one of the more expensive Vista packages.

So now I really am adamant against Vista. My home computers will be Ubuntu or Mac or bust. Here is a Web site that details the information about why Vista is a pain: Stopping Microsoft Windows Vista adoption by promoting free software. Gotta love the logo!
Bad Vista

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