This is just hysterically funny considering that Apple just announced the iPad this week. (What was Apple expecting by releasing a product that is so closely named to feminine hygiene product?) Here is the Mad TV “commercial” about the Apple iPad with all kinds of innuendo.

As far as the iPad itself goes, I was rather underwhelmed. It’s like an iPod Touch on steroids. Why would I pay $499 for a device, however cool it might be, that is completely closed? Apple chooses the applications you can install, controls the books that are available, etc. It’s a closed system. Maybe on a phone that isn’t so bad, but on something that might replace a netbook or an ebook reader, that bothers me. I don’t like companies controlling (censoring!) the data I can access on devices. Apple makes great stuff but some of their policies suck.

Besides, the iPad (snicker) and the iPhone can’t stand up to the capabilities of the N900. Might not have as many applications, but damn I can do a lot more stuff on my phone (sorry my mobile computer with phone capabilities). Open VNC for remote desktop connection to my desktop? Check. Multitasking? Check. Integrated email, Skype over 3G, and seamless integration of Skype and phone address books? Check. (Fring just posted the first application that allows Skype calls over 3G. Prior to this, iPhones and iPod Touches could only make Skype calls using wifi connections.)

Enough of a rant. I need to go to bed.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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