On Monday evening, Isis had looked so much better. She seemed awake and aware and happy to see everyone to came in to visit her. Yesterday she seemed more subdued. Even the vet student commented on how Isis seemed more depressed in the evening.

Isis has lost weight, which is expected. Last night was the first time I could really see how it was effecting her. Her coat is still shiny, but she is starting to have scurf. It looks very similar to when she has a reaction to fly bites: it’s like a layer of her skin just starts coming off. It looks like large dandruff flakes starting in her mane and then going all over her neck, between her legs, on her sides. When the fly bit sensitivity gets bad, she gets large swellings on her abdomen and some very nasty looking scabs.

I stayed with her for three hours last night. Initially, I was going to leave after about an hour. The vet student mentioned that Isis’ gums had little pin-point hemmorages in them. The student did not seemed alarmed by it, but noted that it was something to monitor. However, I wanted to be there when Isis’ gums were checked next and to also ask the evening vet what she thought. Isis’ gums did look redder than normal and she did have a few of those pin-point spots. The student thought she had more of them; the vet thought she was about the same.

So really no major change — except in Isis’ attitude. She was still talking to everyone who came in to her stall. However, after the initial greeting she would put her head down and just keep it there. Her grandmother did the same thing when she didn’t feel well, and this little girl has all of the reason in the world to not feel well.

I left the vet hospital in tears.

Isis, Day 4

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Ceffyl Aedui · August 30, 2006 at 22:57

I can’t believe I forgot to ask the vet about the petechia, the little spots on her gums!

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