Isis Bint Sirdar

This has been a mixed day with some excellent news! This morning the vet came out to examine Isis again to make sure she is sound. After the routine exam, the vet watched Isis trot in the ring.

She’s sound alright. Only a sound horse would try to kick me with her back feet while we were trotting! She has never done anything like that before! I apologized to the vet and immediately corrected Isis, then continued to trot until she quit raising her back leg towards me. The vet said she understood and was actually glad to see someone not letting a horse get away with potentially dangerous. The remnants of the hurricane had passed through the night prior, and the vet pointed out that Isis had probably been in her stall for over 24 hours and was glad to be out.

Official prognosis is that Isis is sound and is ready to get back into work! Gently and carefully at first. We can do conditioning up and down hills, but not trotting on the hills. Not yet at least. One or two months of that plus free lunging in the ring so Isis can build up her strength going around corners on her own without the pull from a lunge line.

After the vet left, I turned Isis out in the ring to give her some excersise since she was obviously wound. Oh my was she wound! She took off at a full gallop, curled her tail over her back, and snorted several times as she whipped around the ring. Definitely felt good.

It was beautiful to see her really moving and not showing one bit of lameness.

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