Finally! For the first time since I got sick, I worked Rajiyyah. She was full of herself but we made some major advances. We didn’t get to ride, but I did work her in light side reins and the bit.

Something spooked her during the workout and she bolted in an arc around the lunge line. She calmed down quickly, but it made me glad that I always lunge her before getting on. It was dark by the time we were finished. Silly kid.

Rajiyyah had two major improvements: she worked without (too much) griping even though the other horses were being brought in for dinner and she had a nice, round frame while working both directions. I was pleased.

As much as I enjoy Rajiyyah, I haven’t developed the kind of connection with her that I have with Isis. Placing my hands on Isis’ neck is enough to ground me out. She really is part of my sanity. When I don’t get out to the barn to see her, I feel disconnected some how. She knickers every time she seems me. Isis still isn’t quite up to being ridden, but she is getting stronger. The chiropractor is still working on Isis’ back and rear. She is stiff, but getting better. It is probably a good thing that I’ve held off from riding her.

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