I didn’t actually end up riding. Walking around on the uneven ground made tweaked my knee, so I I cleaned my saddle and bridle. I brought the girls in and watched them eat grass in the little paddock near the barn.

Rajiyyah has gained weight. Not too much, but enough that she is starting to look pudgy. This is Rajiyyah’s first spring on the rich Tennessee pastures. I’m trying to manage her weight very carefully.

When you have a horse who needs to be worked, you can’t just let it go one more day. One more day becomes one more week… I did lunge Rajiyyah for about 45 minutes. She was awesome. We did walk, trot, canter both ways of the ring. A little bit of collected trot with the side reins. Amazing. It’s like this spring she has settled down. She got a bath afterwards. Happy mare.

I did not really do anything with Isis except inspect her fly bit issues on her belly and treat the rain rot. She was happy to just have her grazing muzzle off.

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