I’ve been riding more. Not enough, but I’m averaging about twice per week, which is twice as much as before. I’m trying to work the kids on a more consistent basis. Isis is looking good and is back to actually doing collection work. She’s fun to ride. It’s like a light went on last summer for both of us. She understands when you jiggle the reins back and forth to come on to the bit. She starts getting underneath herself more. She’s been improving steadily.

Rajiyyah has gained weight. Not too much, but enough that it has me worried. The vet said that Rajiyyah looks great. I keep thinking about when Isis gets overweight and what that can mean: laminitis. My worries about Isis’ metabolic condition transfer over to Rajiyyah. It’s not logical, it is just so ingrained in me that I feel panicked about seeing Rajiyyah. She doesn’t have the same issues. With Rajiyyah, it just means increasing her work load and decreasing her grain. She gets one cup in the morning and at night — down from two quarts twice per day last summer. She is energetic, her attitude has changed, she has really settled in to being worked. I shouldn’t worry, except I do. I used to have nightmares about finding Isis foundering. I had a dream like that about Rajiyyah the other night.

Rajiyyah is my Mom’s baby. I adore Rajiyyah and want to make sure that her training is going well and that she is in top shape when I give her back to Mom.

I guess I’m just a worry-wort.

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