Good news! Isis continues to improve and has been doing well. Two of the spots where the IV was sutured to her had some issues, but that has cleared up now. She is completely off of IVs and fluids. She’s eating hay and grazing regularly.

A chicago screw came out of her halter, so I opted to buy her a new one. It seemed appropriate symbolism — putting the old halter behind her by donating it to the vet school. So now she has a pretty purple and black halter that fits her very well. She looks spiffy.

I am very grateful to everyone who offered prayers and well-wishes for Isis. She’s made an amazing recovery and will hopefully continue to do so in the months ahead. It will be a long road still, but she has come so far. It’s hard to believe that last week she was in such pain and I doubted if I would she would ever come home.

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