On the drive out to the barn, my headache of two days went from mild to bad to worse. I get sinus headaches with migraine-like symptoms (light and sound sensitivity especially). My head was way too sensitive to go riding.

I still went out to the barn since I hadn’t been out all week and it was driving me crazy not seeing my girls. I walked into Kasane’s field and out to her. She looked up to greet me and then kept eating. I massaged her all over and gave her good scritches. She is so funny when you find the right spot. She stretches her neck and has the nose going. If I step away from the spot, she’ll move so my hands return to the spot she wants me to scratch. I massaged her for probably 30 minutes. She was in heaven.

I told her good night and walked back in towards the gate. About 3/4 of the way to the gate, I heard a nicker and turned around. She was trotting up to me, nickering, with her ears forward. She came up and stood next to me and I gave her more scratches. There is something so uplifting about having your horse come and nicker after you. After a few minutes she wandered off again and ate grass. (At least until I gave her some extra hay. Then she nickered again.) She has her human well trained.

I also went into Rajiyyah’s pasture and rubbed my hands all over her. She wasn’t as itchy skinned as Kasane, but she seemed to enjoy it. She got a little worried when Lucy, the very sweet 17HH Hanoverian, comes over to investigate. Lucy is queen bee in Rajiyyah’s paddock and she does move Rajiyyah around the pasture. Nothing really mean, but they do squeal and buck at each other periodically. I loved on Lucy too and then shooed her away. Rajiyyah was happy to have some quiet time away from Lucy. Lucy investigates everything and wants to see everything because people are cool and you’re people and she just wants to see what you are doing). Rajiyyah followed me back to the gate and stood there with me for a while. When she was ready to walk back to the water trough, I stepped out of the pasture.

Nothing like an evening with the girls to make the world seem right again.

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