The best part of this weekend was visiting Isis. When I pulled up on Friday, Isis was in the paddock next to the barn. I rolled down the door and said her name. She immediately nickered and yelled for me. I grinned. The barn owner said that she never whinnies for anyone like she does for me. I beamed.

Life is good when your kid remembers you and calls for you even when you haven’t seen her in six weeks.

Isis had new shoes put on when the farrier was out. She didn’t use the plastic shoes. I called the farrier to make sure things were okay. Isis’ feet had done okay in the Easy Walkers, but she needed a break. It’s not unusual for a horse to have to switch between shoe types — one type might be used during show season and a separate type in winter (or the horse might go barefoot). Isis has been in Easy Walkers for two years without a break. Her feet needed to go to a shoe (like steel) that would let the farrier do more to reshape Isis’ feet. You know, it made a huge difference too. Isis will stay in the steel shoes for the next two trims.

On Friday, I free lunged Isis in the ring and rode bareback a little. There was a thunder storm coming in so I had limited time. It was so much fun. She flicked her ear when I got on her.

Saturday I got to the barn a little late. I had to deal with house stuff (sigh) and waited until it stopped raining. I also needed some thing to lift my mood. She was exactly what was needed, of course. I came out and she nickered when she saw me. I groomed her, wormed her, and then free lunged a little.

The back end of the ring was wet from the rain. Isis immediately walked through the puddle. After a few times around, her tail came over her back and she shorted. And then she played. I just laughed and kept her moving in the directions I wanted.

Overall lots of good stuff. The only thing that worried me is that Isis’ back seemed a little sore and she tripped a few times. Could have been the wet footing and the fact that she was playing so much. We’ll see. I’ll have to find a chiropractor when she arrives in North Carolina.

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