My friend Zoltan came out with me to the barn on Tuesday and videod a ride on Kasane. It’s in three parts. Unfortunately the first part is sideways. (I’ll fix this as soon as I get the license for my video editing software sorted out.)

These rides are very early in Kasane’s training. She’s had maybe 10 rides at this point (including just sitting on her). She’s very relaxed and aware of me and her surroundings. We’ve only done walk, back, left, right, whoa, and pivot on the forehand.

At about 1:45 in the sideways movie, Kasane and I stop. I pick up contact with the reins and ask her to give to the pressure. After a few seconds of thinking about it, she releases to the pressure. Next time I pick up the reins, she immediately gives to the pressure. Very smart girl.

The second video shows Kasane being asked to back for the third time. It took me a long time to teach Isis and Prize to back. Kasane picked it up immediately.

The third video was from the end of our ride. We rode in a figure eight and then dismounted. She was willing to continue walking even though there were distractions (my friend filming at the fence).

I was immensely pleased with Kasane after this ride.

Horsemasters is hosting a trail ride on Saturday. I’m registered to ride either Prize or Kasane. The more I ride Kasane, the more I think she’d be okay. It’s an easy trail ride: sandy trails, walk with some trot, other riders like me with young horses or seeking to rebuild confidence. If Kasane and I have trouble, well we can always have a nice hike and I can walk with her.

Prior to the trail ride, I’d like to work her in the big ring and hopefully get her to trot under saddle. I don’t want that to be a new surprise on the trail. I’d like to have that first trot in a controlled environment and make sure she understands about coming back down in speed. Everything is always different when you change gaits…

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